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An Email Out of the Blue!

This has made my day…Not every day you get an email like this!

Dear Darryl I’m not sure if you remember, but in Taba airport in Egypt this summer, you found me sitting down, shuffling cards and attempting some card magic. After you had seen my rubbish magic, shown me some insane magic and gone off back home, I realised just how good you really were with your Magic Circle Gold Star which you didn’t mention and your table magic with all the celebrities. That day was probably the best day of my life and it really inspired me to be a magician as good as yourself. You had a proper ‘magic language’ conversation with me about good moves to learn and what you get by on but your tricks were just truly amazing! You can probably tell I really don’t know how you did 90% of those tricks and I think you are just brilliant but what I am really getting at is that you mentioned the YMC. Thank you for letting me know about it. I am in the process of filling out an application form. I just want you to know that you are my inspiration and if I become a famous or accomplished magician I will be able to thank you for getting me back into it. I hope that we can be in touch again sometime and I might be able to ask you about anything I don’t understand or need advice about. That would be fantastic. Sorry for all this mindless rambling about how good you are but you inspired me and that means a lot thank you. Will

Thank you will….We will keep in touch!