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Types of Magic

by May 24, 2018

Cabaret Magician

On stage, Darryl combines his magic skills, wit and humour for his famous entertaining and amusing Cabaret Magic performance which has entertained thousands of people across five continents. Clients have talked about his entertaining Cabaret Magic days after the event, and his rebooking confirms that Darryl gives pure enjoyment to his audience.Darryl’s cabaret show can run from 20 to 45 minutes and bristles with humour and fun. He can perform his Cabaret Magic standing up in any venue from marquees to theatres!

Close up Magician

Darryl is a well established close up magician from London.

Close up magic is perfect for any occasion and as a great icebreaker to any event.

Darryl can astound your audience by performing his elegant close up magic around tables (table top magic) during a dinner using borrowed items, cards, coins, rope and cutlery.

Darryl has performed all over the world as a table magician with his famous award winning sleight of hand.

Darryl makes your event memorable.

Comedy Magician

Comedy (from the Greek: komoidia), as a popular meaning, is any humorous discourse or work generally intended to amuse by creating laughter! Ha Ha!

Part of Darryl’s amazing magic is his Comedy Magic, which is integral to his prestidigitation and sleight of hand.

Mind Reader

Thanks to the popularity of Derren Brown and his mentor David Berglas, Mentalism today is as popular as ever.

This Mind Reader can read your thoughts and use his psychological powers to read minds.

Darryl has studied NLP techniques together with psychological suggestion, muscle reading and magic creating the perfect environment for mentalism.

Imagine Darryl knowing exactly the name of the card you just thought of, or the colour you are thinking of!

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Mix & Mingle & Walkabout Magic


Mix and Mingle magician Darryl Rose is a great entertainer for your drinks reception, awards night or product launch entertainment?
Well Darryl is the perfect choice for his mix and mingle magical skills.

Cards appearing, coins disappearing, blocks of glass melting in your hands, turning paper to money under your noses. These are just a few of the feats that this master magician performs.

Darryl regularly appears at major events whether it is a summer ball, sporting event, Birthday and Christmas party, Anniversary, bar and bat mitzvah, River cruise or a backstage party. Darryl Rose is at home doing what he does best – Entertain with his incredible magic.

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Pick Pocket Magic


Mind your wallet if Darryl is about!

With magic distraction and humour, Darryl can lighten up any party and reception by incorporating his pick pocket act.

In Pick pocketing unsuspecting guests have their wallets, phones, watches and ties removed in hilarious and magical ways.

As one of a handful of pick pocketing in London and the UK, he certainly adds a new dimension to his magical performance.

Remember the pick pocketing is all done for fun, and everything is returned!

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Restaurant Magic

Restaurant magic performed by a First Class restaurant magician is the secret ingredient on your menu, which helps to make your restaurant eateries a success.

Darryl uses his table magic to make an impression on your customers, so they want to come back time and time again gaining you valuable customer satisfaction.

Using knives and forks, salt & pepper pots, cards, money and wine bottles, everything that Darryl needs to perform his restaurant magic is normally on the table, so his magic is self contained.

Imagine borrowing a coin then penetrating it through the wine bottle on the table! Amazing magic from an amazing magician!

Foundation Challenge Medal 19 2

Sleight of Hand Magician

Darryl is an award winning sleight of hand magician, which means his hands are quicker than your eyes! His sleight of hand magic involves cards, money, and every day objects, which vanish and re appear. They may transform into something else, but whatever does happen Darryl’s Sleight of Hand amazes and entertains.

Darryl is the only undefeated member of The Magic Circle, who has won the The Magic Circle Challenge medal three times in a row!

Contact to Hire Darryl for your event and see your guests amuse by the magic of Darryl.

Stage magician in London

Stage Show Magic

Darryl is equally at home performing stage show magic as well as on small platforms for his cabaret performance.

In fact, Darryl has performed 20 minutes of his award winning stage show magic of the World famous London Palladium in front of 2500 people.

It is true to say that Darryl received a Standing Ovation, Sunday Night at The London Palladium, and is one of only a handful of magicians who can say that!

Darryl’s stage show magic is very much an audience participation show, and is just like his incredible close up and Cabaret magic, made bigger! Call to hire Darryl for your next event and see your visitors amused by his magic.

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Street Magic

If you peek at this photo, Darryl Rose was among one of the first street magician in the country who performed Street Magic 21 years ago, before David Blaine and Dynamo made it fashionable as we see on Television these days!

His street magic is performed right under your nose and normally crowds scream when the magic take place in their own hands which is just amazing.

Contact Stars favourite Street Magician Darryl Rose to hire him for your next event or party and see your guests amuse.


Table Top Magic

If you are looking for something amazing to keep your guests entertained then a Table Top Magician also known as a close up magician is for you.

Darryl will perform his award winning Table Top Magic and mind reading around the tables of your function, going from table top to table top around the room.

Whether you are planning a garden party, wedding party, or arranging a corporate event as long as there is a Table Top Magic, then Darryl can perform on it!

Darryl uses his comedy at the table top to compliment his magic, and being a Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle he performs a huge array of different magic tricks and illusions under your noses.

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Walkabout Magic

Darryl performs his amazing magic during mix and mingle walkabout parties where there are no tables, using an array of borrowed objects: cards, coins, rope and cutlery.He may even pick a few pockets or two…purely for entertainment purposes only!


Party Magic

If you are looking for party magic, then why not call upon The Stars Favourite party Magician to add some sparkle to it.

Darryl will amaze and entertain your guests as he circulates around during your pre-dinner drinks, around your tables  or he can  perform his after-dinner cabaret show and amuse your guests with his magic skills.

Darryl is the perfect party magician for any type of Party Magic, and your guests will remember your special day forever.


Wedding Magician

To make your Wedding Day extra special, why not book Darryl? His magic is a perfect ice breaker for two families coming together for the first time.

Darryl can perform straight after your ceremony, during photographs, at your reception or during your wedding breakfast.

He will keep your guests highly entertained, whether he is performing walkabout magic or his award winning close up magic around the tables.

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