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I was booked tonight to perform my magic down in Southampton at 7pm for my first Christmas party of the year at The Marlands Shopping Centre’s awards banquet. I was booked to perform mix and mingle magic together with close up around the tables.

As it was a Friday night I always allow a little extra time for weekend traffic. I decided to leave at 3.30pm so I could arrive about 5.30, relax set up my magic and wait casually for the 7pm start.

Unfortunately at 4.15pm I was stuck on a closed M3 for 1.5 hours due to a serious accident on the other side of the carriage way which involved the fantastic air ambulance.

Whilst frustrating it is sitting in traffic, I arrived at 6.55pm, quickly set myself up and started bang on 7pm as if nothing had happened!

Everyone enjoyed my magic including my new magical effect which leaves them with money in their hands for them to keep for real!
Everyone had a great magical time and my journey back home was reduced from 3.5 hours to just 1.5 hours.
Moral of this story………..Always leave yourself plenty of time to get to your gig!