FFFF Magician

It’s official, my ‘Batchelor of Magic Diploma’ was awarded by Obie O’Brien, The Dean of FFFF for my performance of my very own effect ‘The Apprentice‘ which I performed in front of 200 of the worlds best magicians.

I had an absolute ball performing to everyone, as as my friend Nick commented, it was like performing to authors of the magic books in my library. A who’s who of magicians.

FFFF is the original close up magic convention, and magicians complemented me on my performance, which lasted 9 minutes.

I can now say I’m a FFFF Magician, and I must always wear the FFFF pin badge whenever Obie is in town, otherwise I will get fined £££

I’m looking forward to my invite for next year, so I can get my ‘Masters’ Diploma, and have some more magic fun with other FFFF Magicians!

FFFF Magic Convention is simply the best!