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Thank you BA for giving me a free upgrade, when I flew to Chicago, and then onto Buffalo, New York for the FFFF magic convention.

I decided to stay in Niagara for the night so that I could meet some friends, and at 10pm we decided to drive across the border into Canada, so we could see The Falls from the Canadian side.

It was beautifully lit up, and worth every second being there.

The falls are so pretty and magical.

We were only in Canada for half hour until we drove back, just to the other side.

At lease I have another stamp in my passport!

The following morning, staying on the USA side, we went on Maid of The Mist for a trip of a lifetime on board the boat which sails under the falls.Watching a million gallons a second tumble of the falls is a unique experience.

To say we got wet was an understatement, by fortunately I kept dry courtesy of the freebie blue poncho!

Niagara is a beautiful, a real wonder of the world and is well recommended if you are upstate!