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Booking Terms & Conditions:


1. In the event of this contract not being fulfilled, the level of liability to the Client, Artiste(s) Suppliers(s) Darryl Rose will be limited to the fees stated in this contract.

2. Cancellations and amendments are required in writing. All cancellations are subject to cancellation fees and forfeiture of all deposit. Any contractual disputes must be notified in writing within seven days of the event.
Notice of Cancellations of 120 days or more 20% of the contracted fee
Notice of Cancellations between 90 and 120 days : 25% of the contracted fee
Notice of Cancellations between-60-and-90 days 33.3% of the contracted fee
Notice of Cancellations between 30 and 60 days 60% of the contracted fee
Notice of Cancellations of less than 30 days 100% of the contracted fee

3. In the event of the Artiste(s) or Supplier(s) being unable to perform or supply through illness accident or breakdown. Darryl Rose must be notified immediately and the appropriate documentation may be required. Darryl Rose undertakes to provide replacement personnel or services of a similar quality, if possible.

4. Any additional rider clauses will be deemed as part of this contract and adhered to.

5. Any extensions or alterations to this contract by the way of additions, re-schedules which involve an increase in performance times or any other labour charges will be subject to additional fees and the agreed amendments and must be confirmed in writing.

6. Any further engagements arising from this engagement within a 24 – month period either directly or indirectly must be negotiated through Darryl Rose.

7. The Artiste(s) or Supplier(s) undertake(s) that his/their performance shall not be dangerous to other Artiste(s) Supplier(s) the audience or any other third party. If accident or injury results through the default of the Artiste(s) Supplier(s), the Artiste(s) Supplier(s) shall indemnify Darryl Rose for any costs incurred by Darryl Rose in reimbursing the client for any loss or damage occasioned to the client. Artiste(s) and Supplier(s) agree that all equipment supplied by them meets the current safety standards in force.

8. Darryl Rose will then inform the Client of any extra safety measures that may be required.
Every effort will be made by Darryl Rose to ensure that all services and supplies are provided as scheduled in this contract but we cannot accept any liability in the respect of breakdown or non-delivery of equipment for reasons beyond our control. In the event of any service or supply becoming unavailable beyond the control of Darryl Rose, we will do our utmost to secure a suitable and acceptable alternative.

9. Darryl Rose holds Public Liability Insurance with an indemnity limit of £3 million in respect of anyone claim or series of claims arising out of anyone occurrence.

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