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The Apprentice Magic Trick

In 2006 Darryl watched a ground breaking TV
show….then he had an idea!

For the last 6 years, apart from showing an elite few,
he has kept it for himself……Until NOW!

The NEW stage effect that Darryl closes his show with!

Available for the very first time.



“Darryl’s Apprentice is a really fun and interactive routine
with an incredible practical method that gets the job done!” – Nicholas Einhorn

“The Apprentice magic effect engages the WHOLE audience! It’s
bulletproof for every type of performance venue. Bottom line it will fool badly
and entertain greatly.” – Justin Flom

“The Apprentice is a substantial performance piece. A stage
mentalism effect to close your show that’ll end with you being hired again and
again! …..I can’t believe you’re sharing it!” – Paul Roffman

“What a great effect. Strong entertaining magic at it’s
Best!” Jack Delvin, President of The Magic Circle

“That’s Brilliant, can I be your Apprentice because you are a
genius – I can’t believe you are putting it out!” – Mark Shortland

“The Apprentice is one of the most commercial presentations
of a card trick I have seen that you can drop straight into a professional show.
” – Michael J Fitch

“Your trick shrinks and grows according to the audience. It’s
something that is current,  topical and totally engaging, so unlike many
other magical effects.”  – Max Somerset

“It’s 100% Practical, 100% Magical and 100% Entertaining. Well
done!” – Ali Bongo (who saw it before he died!)

“A lovely idea” – Patrick Page (who saw it before he died!)

Buy NOW!

UK Only Price £25.00 + £2.50p&p


Rest of the World – Available from your favourite dealer.

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