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Inflated Odds magic trick

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Inflated Odds

by Darryl Rose


Inflated Odds is a hilarious comedy routine in which a prediction envelope is shown.

A coloured balloon is freely chosen and placed into a special balloon zapper.

The spectator spins the zapper chamber and the balloon is put to the magicians ear….It does not burst.

This continues until the magician predicts that it will go off and then pointing away from the ear the magician or spectator fires the zapper and it explodes.

The envelope is opened and inside not only does a Prediction predict the COLOUR of the balloon, but also WHEN the balloon bursts.

Routines for Adults, Teen & Kids, Comes complete with Balloon Zapper, Envelope & Balloons.


“What a fantastic idea! Inflated Odd’s is one of the best Russian Roulette routines I’ve ever seen AND it’s safe.

There is fun, dramatic tension and a staggering prediction…what more could you want.

This is a really flexible and commercial routine. Well done Darryl, great thinking”

– Marc Paul

“Never have I seen such a perplexing prediction with a piece of prophylactic. Perfect!”
– Max Somerset

“It’s gonna add a BANG to my show!”
– Mark Shortland

“A kooky prop with a simple plot makes ‘Inflated Odds’ a unique and entertaining effect for your show!”
– Angelo Carbone

“A sure fire winner! It’s in my show”
– Christian Lee

“It has the makings for a classic and fun routine for both adults and children alike”
– Spyros Melaris

“I like it, I like it, I like it”
– Jack Delvin, President of The Magic Circle

“It’s Brilliant”
– Dave Allen

“A fabulous commercial Routine”
– Jerry O’ Connell

Special Balloon Zapper and all Props Included!

£40.00 including Postage (UK ONLY)

£45 (USA)

£50 (Rest of the World)

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