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The Ultimate Card Free Deck

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No Corners The Ultimate Card Free Deck
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Instantly peek the selected card on your Apple watch in real time, and if needed, know the position of the card in a pre selected stack. If you don’t use a stack, ignore the number!


Instantly know the chosen card on your PeekSmith in real time, and know the position of the card in a pre selected stack, if needed.

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Instantly peek the chosen card on your iPhone, and know the position of the card in a pre selected stack, if needed.

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Easily Customisable


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Choose your own back colour.


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Choose your favourite stack to generate the ‘random’ cards, starting at a random point each time the deck is shuffled.


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Add your own force cards or even create your own stack.


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Every time you shuffle it will restart your stack from a random start position.


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Helper mode available to show you where to touch to either draw the random or force card!


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Helper Mode shows you that Tapping the Green area of the back draws a card in cyclical order of  your chosen stack.

Touching the Red area, forces your predetermined selection of card or cards. It’s your choice.


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Customise the name of iDeal in any language eg. ‘Card Shuffler’,  ‘Deck of Cards’ or ‘Virtual Deck’.


Instant Routines

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Available for iPhone 6S and above, running iOS 13 and above.


Special offer £26.99 £14.99 / $14.99

Other Country pricing will vary due to exchange rates…

Use it immediately over zoom or in person!

Special thanks to András Bártházi & Benke Smith at PeekSmith and Christian Schenk at Card Shark

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